Blackjack hands and useful strategies

Blackjack hands and its odds

Blackjack hands and the odds that a player has can be referred to the actual cards value that players get when the game is started. The general rules of the game say that a player has to reach a number close to 21 or 21 but not over it. The cards are counted as follows:

  • Any card from 2 to 10 is counted as its face value.
  • Jack, Queen and King are counted as 10.
  • Aces can be counted as 11 or 1 (it is counted as 1 only when an Ace is received and 11 count will go over the 21 barrier).

As a result, hands are purely based on the winning combination that will allow to beat the dealer. A hand has to always be scored to have better value than a dealer has and then results in a win for a player. The chances are always better when a player has an Ace right from the beginning, hence better winning blackjack strategy can be implemented right from the start. Try luck in top australian online casino.

Types of blackjack hands

Blackjack hands and blackjack basic strategy always come very close when definition of the game’s hands is understood. There are basically two types of hands that can be outlined, these are:

  • Soft hands.
  • Hard hands.

Soft hand is the hands when a player has got an Ace right from the beginning. Therefore, the next cards can be taken with greater confidence. This is all due to the fact that you can get as close to 21 as possible or even hit the top score. Ace can be changed from 11 to 1 point at any time when there is a danger of going over 21.

Hard hand is a type of Blackjack hands when there is no Ace in a player’s hands and the chances of going bust are higher. Therefore a player has to be careful in terms of what strategy is used and have to act quickly too.

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Winning strategies

Winning strategies can be represented in blackjack hands chart. A chart will give a person a very good idea of what can be done and decide whether to take an additional card or simply stop and wait for a dealer to show off the cards. These are the hands examples, which a winning strategy can be based upon:

  • Player’s Soft hand 13-14, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – hit but double down vs. 5 or 6.
  • Player’s Soft hand 15-17, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – hit but double down vs. 4, 5 or 6.
  • Player’s Soft hand 18, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – hit vs. 9-A, Double vs. 3-6, stand vs. 2, 7, 8.
  • Player’s Soft hand 19, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – stand.
  • Player’s Hard hand 4-8, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – hit.
  • Player’s Hard hand 9, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – hit or double except for 2.
  • Player’s Hard hand 10-11, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – double if more points than the dealer has.
  • Player’s Hard hand 12-16, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 – Stand or 7-A – Hit.
  • Player’s Hard hand 17+, against the dealer’s up cards 2-6 or 7-A – stand.

Which hands are worth risking?

Certain blackjack hands are really worth taking the risk and increasing the bet as well as giving any device to go for closer number to 21. It is indeed applicable when a player has soft hand and even when the hard hand when an Ace has occurred.

In these circumstances having blackjack winning hands are always greater because the strategy can be switched and the chances of getting better score than the dealer as well as not going over 21 are very strong.

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